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Municipal Solid Waste Incineration Power Generation

  The main equipment of municipal solid waste incineration power generation is waste incinerator, waste incineration power generation treatment of municipal solid waste, incineration of electricity generated in addition to 13 ℅ for personal use, the rest can be incorporated into the grid for enterprises to create economic benefits and reduce the burden on the government. The development of urban waste thermal power plants and the number of urban population also have a certain relationship, because the main power plant is continuous, need for a sufficient amount of waste to ensure continuous operation. Also consider the amount and quality of waste will vary with the season and change. According to the average urban population per person per day is about 1kg (developed countries slightly more) calculated, the amount of waste is about 1kg (slightly more developed countries), the urban population is too more than 1 million, the daily production of urban waste in more than 1,000 tons, and can ensure stable power generation. It is generally believed that when the calorific value of the waste is greater than 3349 kJ / kg, can be burned directly by natural means. The content of organic matter in municipal waste using gas and gas is quite high, generally more than 50% and highest more than 80%. A lot of organic waste is a very valuable resource, it can extract useful material, is also the main combustible ingredients in the waste.

  The municipal solid waste incineration power generation is the use of incinerators on the burning of combustible materials in the waste, after high temperature incineration to eliminate a large number of harmful substances in waste, to achieve the purpose of harmless, reduction, while using the heat recovery Heating, power supply, to achieve resource.

  As the waste fuel is a certain corrosive, large water, calorific value instability and other factors, so the waste incineration boiler and its combustion equipment in the design of a certain degree of particularity. Therefore, the excellent performance of the combustion equipment is the key to waste boilers.

  Comprehensive utilization technology of waste incineration power generation

  1, Waste collection device

  If your country's municipal solid waste is not classified, then sorting broken equipment will not only be very complex, but also poor reliability, it can not be vertical rotary pyrolysis gasification equipment incinerator to break the garbage to a certain size (such as 1 ~ 10mm ), Must be developed to the original garbage (although it may contain wood, metal and masonry and other irregular objects) smoothly into the furnace of the feeding device, according to decades of coal combustion technology research and engineering experience and For the comparison of domestic and foreign devices, the study, the choice of grate feed, vertical rotary pyrolysis gasification equipment combustion, the smooth solution to this problem.

  2. Vertical rotary pyrolysis gasification equipment waste incineration technology

  Vertical rotary pyrolysis gasification equipment Combustion technology is developed specifically for low calorific value fuels. Vertical rotary pyrolysis gasification equipment incineration of low calorific value of waste has a higher efficiency, combustion efficiency can be as high as 95% or more, and the fuel Ingredient change is not sensitive: calorific value is not enough to maintain the heat balance when the auxiliary fuel (coal) combustion. Through the experimental operation, it has solved the adequacy and reliability of incineration, and because of the unique combustion mode of vertical rotary pyrolysis gasification equipment, the emission of gas harmful substances is less than that of other incineration methods. Tsinghua University's theory and experimental research on the mechanism of waste incineration has provided the necessary design basis for the design of waste incinerator.

  3. Vertical rotary pyrolysis gasification equipment bed slagging technology

  Due to the complexity of the composition and shape of the waste, the particles of the ash are large and the shape is not the same. The discharge conditions of the different vertical rotary pyrolysis gasification equipment are required, and special slagging technology is needed. Tsinghua University through research, the use of bed-oriented slagging technology can solve the problem of slagging.

  4, heating surface anti-corrosion technology waste incineration because of its original composition contains a lot of plastic, will have a strong corrosive ability of HC1: to reduce the nitrogen oxide generation, the need for graded combustion, the furnace to form a reducing atmosphere. High temperature corrosion of the reduction zone should be studied. This technology is being studied.

  5. Pollutant removal technology

  In general, the use of vertical rotary pyrolysis gasification equipment can achieve furnace desulfurization, in addition to HCI and so on, and effectively reduce the nitrogen oxide Nox generation. For economic and effective control of pollutant emissions, should study the mechanism of the formation of pollutants, the development of reliable removal of pollutants technology. At present, Tsinghua University has a practical furnace desulfurization, in addition to HCI technology, other pollutants removal technology is being studied. HCL <50ppm, NOX <500ppm, S0X <1500ppm, are lower than the national emission standards, according to the results of the test on the thermal test device with 10 tons of waste treated by Tsinghua University. As a result of the use of vertical rotary pyrolysis gasification equipment incineration technology, organic matter burned, almost no dioxin, furan emissions.

  6. Comprehensive utilization of ash technology

  The ash removed from the vertical rotary pyrolysis gasification equipment is magnetically removed to remove the metal (recovered) and then simply crushed to form one of the raw materials of cement, brick and so on. If necessary, the ash composition, characteristics and Other raw materials to study the ratio.


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