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Zero-Discharge Treatment Process Of Desulfurization Wastewater From Coal-Fired Power Plant

Desulfurization wastewater zero discharge process is aimed at thermal power plant desulfurization wastewater characteristics, through the softening, MVR evaporation, crystallization and other technical means to achieve high salinity desulfurization wastewater zero emission requirements, and ultimately see the formation of pure reusable distilled water and crystalline salt.                                          

 Desulfurization wastewater first into the pre-clear pool, to clarify the sediment, reducing raw water turbidity. The precipitate is discharged to the sedimentation concentrate tank and the supernatant enters the triple tank reactor. The contents of Mg2 +, Ca2 + and heavy metal ions in the reaction wastewater were Ca (OH) 2, Na2CO3 and flocculant. The desulfurization wastewater after the reaction flows into the clarification tank, and the flocs in the wastewater are precipitated to the bottom of the tank and discharged to the sedimentation and concentration tank. The supernatant flows into the middle pool and is filtered through the multi-media to enter the clean water tank and the pH The The sludge slurry is further concentrated in the sedimentation and concentration tank, and the sludge is separated into the sludge dewatering machine. After the dehydration, the sludge is transported to the off-site treatment. The sewage is recirculated through the buffer pool.

Zero - Depth Treatment Process of Desulfurization Wastewater

MVR is "mechanical vapor recompression" in English abbreviation (Mechanical Vapor Recompression). The basic principle is that the secondary steam produced during the evaporation process is mechanically recompressed, the secondary steam temperature, the pressure increase, the enthalpy increase, and then into the heat exchanger condensation, the secondary steam latent heat is fully utilized.  

Henan Huatai Environmental engineering Co.,LTD. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Henan Huatai Grain and Oil Machinery Co., Ltd., located in Henan Huaxian Industrial Zone. The company covers an area of ​​100,000 square meters and has 280 employees. It is a research and development, Manufacturing, installation as one of the high-tech environmental equipment manufacturing enterprises, the company and China's large and medium-sized institutions to establish technology research and development cooperation, the introduction of waste pyrolysis technology, the successful development of complete sets of living garbage pyrolysis technology, waste rubber tire heat Solution processing technology, sludge pyrolysis technology, and master the core pyrolysis furnace patented manufacturing technology. Research and development of industrial wastewater treatment, the successful development of the cellulose industry, resin industry, coal chemical industry, zero discharge of industrial wastewater engineering technology, with multi-effect evaporation crystallization, MVR evaporation crystal complete sets of engineering core technology, energy saving, efficient, non-scaling, New environmentally friendly evaporator technology.

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