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Dry anaerobic fermentation technology

Dry anaerobic fermentation technology
Dry fermentation refers to a process of biogas fermentation with solid organic waste (raw material with a total solid concentration TS of 20% to 30%, with little or no free flowing water), a kind of new waste recycling Utilization Methods Compared with wet anaerobic fermentation technology, dry fermentation has many obvious advantages:
(1) increased volume gas production rate. Dry fermentation TS is usually more than 15%, less water content, making the organic matter concentration is higher, thereby increasing the volume gas production rate. (2) save water. (3) Post-processing easy. Almost no wastewater discharge, and the residue after fermentation only biogas residue, can be used directly as organic fertilizer; biogas generated in the low sulfur content, without desulfurization, can be used directly. (4) low operating costs, the process is stable. Dry fermentation process does not have wet fermentation appears scum, precipitation and other issues. Dry anaerobic fermentation to make it in the treatment of municipal solid waste and agricultural residues have been widely attention.

Wet anaerobic fermentation technology
 Anaerobic fermentation technology is widely used in the world, in the treatment of high moisture content, rich organic matter, a wide range of sources of livestock manure, high concentrations of organic wastewater. Sludge, kitchen waste  and other organic garbage on it more effective. This method has the advantages of low cost, small area and high processing load. It can not only provide biogas as clean energy, biogas slurry and biogas residue as fertilizer and feed, but also completely solve the problem of rural fuel shortage and environmental pollution caused by organic waste.
 Organic waste, also known as wet garbage, refers to the waste of organic matter in municipal solid waste. Mainly paper, plastic, fiber, bamboo, kitchen waste residue and so on. More than 50% of municipal solid waste is organic waste, which increases year by year with the fastest growth of waste paper and plastic waste. For organic waste can be recycled, incineration, composting and sanitary landfill and other methods of treatment, disposal (paper recycling rate of up to 60%), but the above method for about 5-10% of waste plastic waste (Plastic waste) there are still many technical problems, its handling and recycling has become an international issue of today.
 Its characteristics:
1. Can consume a lot of organic waste;
2. the fermentation period is relatively short;
3.Large amount of biogas produced, high quality, wide range of uses, high fertilizer efficiency of composting products and great market potential.
4. Systematic and automatic management of biogas fermentation can be realized;
5. The whole system will not produce secondary pollution during operation.

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