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Performance Introduction of Rural Domestic Refuse Incinerator

Release time:2017-03-16Author:admin

Domestic waste incinerator is equipped with advanced tail gas treatment device, in order to reduce the pollution of the environment when the garbage incineration, to meet the national allowable emission standards, to prevent secondary pollution. The application of rural solid waste incinerator is not very extensive, but you can first understand what characteristics:

1, the rural living garbage incinerator with advanced combustion device, heating up fast, full combustion, heat to achieve most of the recovery.

2, the rural living garbage incinerator in the feed port set conveyor belt automatic feeding device; transport processing waste capacity, to avoid the human input, reducing the amount of labor.

3, rural solid waste incinerator insulation is good, to reduce the cost of incineration burning. Incineration burns thoroughly, less ash. Layout is simple and reasonable, covers an area of small, easy maintenance. Do not stop maintenance, to ensure the timeliness of incineration.

Rural waste incinerator handling capacity, continuous incineration capacity, the full realization of the waste "harmless, no quantitative, stability" processing requirements, is the safe handling of various types of waste in rural areas preferred equipment.

Performance characteristics of rural solid waste incinerator:


1, the design of security chain pin, two temperature control automatic alarm system, low operating costs, a high degree of automation;

2, with automatic access to the material system, to avoid the possible operation of the pollution;

3, the second combustion design, the furnace temperature of 1000 ℃ ~ 1100 ℃ above, flue gas for reprocessing, colorless non-toxic, combustible completely;

4, small size, equipment covers an area of small;

5, the system uses automatic control technology, the important parameters of the incineration process to achieve monitoring and control, a high degree of automation, the entire equipment has a reasonable process, reliable operation, high degree of automation, simple operation, harmful solid waste burning rate The The system adhering to the German industry advanced, excellent consistent quality, the full realization of the garbage disposal of "harmless, resource-based, reduction" treatment. Is the preferred device for handling household waste.

Scope: County, township garbage disposal center, the new rural living garbage disposal projects, troops, prison detention, highway service area, oilfield mining area, foreign projects.

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