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Waste resource classification management

Release time:2017-03-16Author:admin

As China's population continues to expand, garbage production surge, seriously endangering our living environment. And most people in our country to deal with the way the garbage is still open-air piling up, landfill-based, resulting in the possession of valuable land resources, but also caused serious secondary pollution to the environment.

Therefore, the comprehensive treatment technology research is imperative, garbage resource utilization of the main obstacles on the one hand is the garbage itself is complex, difficult to use resources. On the other hand is related to the research and development of technology has not kept up with the existing use of technology is often a single model (such as incineration power generation), the use of the same method of garbage disposal, resulting in a large number of their own consumption, poor economic The Therefore, according to local conditions, according to the different composition of waste, the comprehensive treatment of key technology research, to fundamentally solve the problem of garbage is of great significance, is related to the national economy and a major event.

Spread the disease, garbage contains a large number of micro-organisms, is bacteria, viruses, pests and other breeding ground and breeding ground, serious harm to human health. Pollution of soil and water, garbage exudate to change the soil composition and structure, toxic waste will affect the human health through the food chain. Garbage destroyed the soil structure and physical and chemical properties, so that soil fertilizer, water retention capacity greatly reduced. Trash contains pathogenic microorganisms, organic pollutants and toxic heavy metals, etc., in the role of rain, they are brought into the water, will cause surface water or groundwater serious pollution, affecting the survival of aquatic life and water resources.

Garbage will occupy the surface, garbage has occupied a valuable land resources and living space, seriously affected the industrial and agricultural production and life. A large number of garbage destruction of the surface of the earth's vegetation, which not only affects the natural environment of the beautiful, but also destroyed the ecological balance of nature. Not only that, but also pollute the environment, solid waste contains a variety of harmful substances, improper handling can directly pollute the soil, air and water, and ultimately to a variety of organisms, including human harm.

Pollution of the atmosphere, small solid waste will fly the wind, increasing air pollution. In a large number of garbage open field pavement smelly days, mice disaster, mosquito breeding, a large number of ammonia, sulfide and other harmful gases released to the atmosphere, only the volatile gas as much as 100 kinds, which contains many carcinogenic Teratogenic.

Features: simple and easy maintenance, saving labor costs; imported burner, stable performance, easy to operate, easy to operate, (GB18485-2001) standard, and the dioxin emission value is less than the national emission standard value; the process design is reasonable, the area is small, the price is low. The exhaust gas is up to the standard of "pollution control of domestic waste incineration" (GB18485-2001).

The above is Waste resource classification management,more relevant knowledge,such as price,daily output can be free online consultation,Our account manager will answer your questions online in real time.

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