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Evolution of Rural Domestic Refuse Incinerator

Release time:2017-03-15Author:admin

According to the different regions and the use of scenes, the type and use of domestic waste incinerators are also different, municipal waste and a variety of domestic waste with the economic and social development, increasing, and how to carry out recycling, and effective disposal of waste Become an important research topic. Here, we only about the part of the waste incineration process and equipment to introduce. Simple incineration will cause harm to the atmospheric environment and geographical environment, only professional equipment can be efficient, practical, environmental protection and so on.

At present, most of our urban waste disposal methods are still used in the traditional landfill and very few cities with very immature biochemical composting approach. There are many deficiencies in the way these municipal solid waste treatments are treated, and there are many difficulties. Such as the choice of landfill site is that the appropriate site is also likely to cause the site around the secondary pollution of groundwater resources and the surrounding environment pollution, garbage landfill to produce biogas and the atmosphere caused very serious pollution. As far as we know the current use of garbage in China's biochemical composting to deal with the scale of municipal solid waste and the real success of the project is almost no. At present, the domestic municipal solid waste disposal model presents three characteristics: First, the amount of garbage, garbage production According to incomplete statistics has more than 150 million tons, with China's sustained rapid economic development, the rapid increase in urban population, The output of municipal solid waste is also increased in a large amount; the second is the garbage components are complex, the main components are divided into several categories, that can rot organic matter, combustible organic matter, inorganic, incombustible (such as metal, ceramics) ; Third is the difference in calorific value of regional waste. It is closely related to the main civilian fuel, economic development and living standards in this urban area.

Foreign waste incineration technology started earlier, has developed for nearly a hundred years, domestic waste treatment technology and equipment has been more mature. At present, there are three main forms of incineration in foreign countries: layer combustion method, fluidized suspension combustion method and boiling suspended combustion mode. Common incinerators for waste incineration are: mechanical grate incinerators, pyrolysis incinerators, rotary kiln incinerators and fluidized bed incinerators. There are many advantages to the circulating fluidized bed from incineration, but there are many problems in the treatment of low calorific value municipal solid waste in China. Such as: into the furnace garbage need to sort; require a higher calorific value into the furnace; in order to improve the garbage calorific value of burning, but also need to add a certain percentage (≮ 20%) of auxiliary fuel, so the use of the process is prudent to use; Rotary kiln incinerator is mainly suitable for the treatment of hazardous waste, and the capacity is small, in the treatment of municipal waste is not much use; pyrolysis gasifier to burn waste treatment is a new type of combustion technology, it has full combustion, thermal efficiency High, slag heat to reduce the amount of smoke pollution control indicators easy to control, but the single furnace processing capacity by the furnace diameter restrictions and more difficult to improve. Currently more use, more stable operation, and get the national recommendation "waste incineration should be used to furnace furnace based on the current mature technology." Single furnace processing capacity is the largest mechanical furnace furnace, commonly used Mitsubishi - Martin grate, drum grate, Sieggs grate, etc., the biggest feature is the furnace without garbage sorting, to adapt to China's current high moisture , Low calorific value of the status of municipal solid waste. In addition, single furnace daily processing capacity is large and other garbage can not be comparable advantages.

The waste incinerator is a garbage incinerator which comprises a furnace body, a rotary drying device, a conical mixing device, a combustion chamber, a smoke mouth, a slagging device, an inlet system, a flue gas treatment device, a chimney, Microcomputer. Which is characterized in that the upper part of the furnace body is provided with a rotary drying device, which can continuously turn the living garbage and drying it into a loose and dry garbage to the furnace body.

For this reason, many local governments with certain economic strength have adopted the "harmless, reduced, resource-based, waste incinerator + power generation" approach, and achieved good social and economic benefits, so that the local city of garbage Of the environmental pollution has been a better solution, and the use of national policies to encourage the waste to ensure that enterprises have a certain economic benefits.

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