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Rural waste incinerator

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Domestic waste incinerator, first of all to the furnace temperature gradually increased to 850 ℃ to 1200 ℃, the use of oxygen control to control the furnace speed, and then use the furnace heat cycle, through the high temperature baking to achieve the effect of cracking furnace garbage, and finally The use of armor Rui flue gas purification treatment standards discharge. Garbage pyrolysis process: garbage approach, mechanical sorting, artificial selection, manual feeding, pyrolysis garbage, ash removal. Incinerator flue gas treatment process: the introduction of flue gas from the air duct into the quenching device to destroy dioxin generated, followed by spraying dust particles in addition, and then desulfurization for acid-base balance, cleaning and disinfection, in addition to tar, armor wash smoke Gas cleaning and disinfection, the final armor professional in addition to dioxin.

Hazardous substances through the pipeline into the fine filter system, purifier flue gas condensing system; high voltage electric field and ozone sterilization system; dry adsorber; activated carbon, activated aluminum adsorption system and other modern purification system, the flue gas through the chimney emissions. Inspection by the test center, flue gas to meet emission standards.

In our country, rural life without garbage disposal has always been a socialization of the great proposition, according to the characteristics of rural garbage, carried out a series of waste incineration and secondary pollution characteristics of the study, the formation of the living garbage circulating fluidized bed clean incineration power generation integration new technology. Compared with the existing technology at home and abroad, this technology has the advantages of high combustion efficiency, wide load regulation range, low pollutant discharge, high burning heat intensity in domestic waste incinerator, and is particularly suitable for burning multi-component high moisture low calorific value of Chinese life Rubbish. The main innovations of this technology are:

It is proved that some components of coal can inhibit the formation of dioxin in combustion. By adjusting the proportion of coal blending to adapt to the change of waste calorie value, the stable amount of garbage can be ensured. At the same time, The operation of the fluidized bed incinerator proves that coal burning incineration can significantly reduce the high temperature corrosion of the heating surface, thus increasing the temperature of the superheated steam and prolonging the service life of the superheater. Landfill leachate using the way back to the furnace, to minimize the landfill leachate treatment, improve the comprehensive environmental benefits and economy.

This paper has made a comprehensive and in-depth study on the typical refuse composition, combustion characteristics and pollutant, especially dioxin emissions mechanism of Chinese cities. On this basis, the successful development of circulating fluidized bed incineration integrated treatment technology suitable for China's national conditions has been developed. From the perspective of the characteristics of Chinese rubbish, the suppression of dioxin generation and the long-term stable operation of incinerator, the technical scheme of adding auxiliary coal burning low calorific value garbage was put forward and realized.

Select the appropriate furnace temperature, the use of special secondary air distribution and gas solid residence time control furnace combustion pollution optimization measures, combined with exhaust gas purification technology to fully prevent secondary pollution emissions, so that dioxin emissions to the world The most stringent EU standards. The system integration technology including waste pretreatment, waste feeding, slag sorting, incineration thermal control, tail gas purification and so on, forming a single incineration capacity of 150 per day, with the exception of circulating fluidized bed incineration technology Ton -400 tons of the series of technology, can be applied to different needs of large and medium-sized cities.

The localization rate of the whole engineering system is 100%, and the investment cost is equivalent to 1/2% of the developed countries' waste incineration power plant. It is a low cost and high efficiency environmental protection technology which conforms to our national conditions and has a practical value.

Many local governments with certain economic strength use the policies encouraged by the state to ensure that the waste disposal enterprises have a certain economic benefits. And the use of "harmless, reduction, resource, waste incinerator + power generation" approach, and achieved good social and economic benefits, so that the local city of domestic waste pollution has been a better solution.

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