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Important issues in urban health management: Domestic waste

Release time:2017-03-15Author:admin

Garbage disposal using incineration, the masses are more likely to accept the way. Because the side effects of which will be much less than the landfill, relatively speaking, the masses will be easy to accept. The garbage disposal site to scientific demonstration, scientific site selection. To listen carefully to the views of experts and the public, to deal with the behavior of the government and the vital interests of the people, if contrary to public opinion is bound to backfire.

Incineration is an advanced way of handling trash. Experts at home and abroad that the use of incineration, garbage is the fundamental way to harmless treatment. In the past, landfill was used to treat waste, which was a waste of land and polluted the environment. A landfill used for some time to fill up and then to open up a new landfill, the long run, landfills continue to increase, resulting in a serious waste of land, and deal with garbage permeate and the distribution of harmful gases and pollute the environment The If the use of incineration, one covers an area of less, the second is the use of a longer period of time, do not have to consider after the frequent removal of new landfill. The problem of garbage disposal is an important issue in the current urban health management. Landfill is not the most scientific way to deal with domestic waste. For small residential communities, the concentration of landfill is not timely and will produce a large number of bacteria.

From the construction of a country to every corner, from small to start, from a village, a township, a town to a county, a city and to the whole of China. The real focus on the national environmental protection construction. We believe that the treatment of domestic waste should be treated in a scientific way.

The use of rural solid waste incinerator is now very common, Jiangsu Zhaolui Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. as a professional production of rural waste incinerator manufacturers, the use of incinerator is also very important, after all, this will affect the product sales, whether it can The garbage is very good harmless, environmentally friendly treatment out.

The production of dioxins in the incineration of domestic waste has obvious immunotoxicity, can cause animal thymus atrophy, cell immunity and lower humoral immune function, but also cause skin damage, in the exposed experimental animals and the crowd can observe the skin transition Keratosis, pigmentation and the occurrence of chlorine acne and so on. Dioxin exposure increases the risk of cancer.

In the process of flue gas treatment, the high efficiency treatment process is adopted. The flue gas passes through the cold and heat exchangers, the acid removal equipment, the activated carbon adsorption, the bag dust collector, and so on. Equipment and then discharged, the maximum can reach the national emission standards, put an end to the secondary pollution. Can adjust the air volume, negative pressure, and fully guarantee the residence time of the flue gas, so that the exhaust gas is fully purified.

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