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Garbage incinerator to solve the problem of garbage mountains

Release time:2017-03-13Author:admin

The main technology of waste incinerator, the national environmental analysis and testing, dioxin emissions reached 0.015 ng / cube.

1, the main structure of the incinerator:

Main building materials: brick and concrete structure, refractory materials, insulation materials, return flow device, oxygen device, etc. ,, furnace average life of 10-15 years. The entire garbage disposal site covers an area of ​​not less than 120M2, the specific amount of land can be determined according to the actual.

2, the daily handling capacity of incinerators:

Incinerator daily treatment of domestic waste 2-500 tons (24 hours). Domestic waste by 800-1200oC high temperature baking, evaporation, oxidation, incineration, into the ash, to harmless treatment.

3, the operation of the incinerator

Simple operation: a furnace only a burner, add a daily garbage to the furnace, according to the actual situation around the timely adjustment. Can be added daily can also be added every other day; and not affected by weather, climate. Such as in accordance with the operation process and the role of norms, can reach a ignition, never extinguish the effect.

The construction plan of harmless treatment plant of township garbage

A, the program used in the garbage pyrolysis furnace, first of all to the furnace temperature gradually increased to 850oC to 1200oC, the use of oxygen control to control the furnace speed, and then use the furnace heat cycle, through high temperature baking to reach the cracking furnace The effect of garbage, and finally the use of armor oil purifier treatment standards discharge.

B, natural waste pyrolysis process

First, the garbage pyrolysis process

1, garbage into the field 2, mechanical sorting 3, artificial selection 4, artificial feeding 5, pyrolysis garbage 6, ash removal

Second, the flue gas treatment process

1, the flue gas is introduced into the quench unit by the air duct to destroy the dioxin

2, sprayed in addition to dust particles

3, desulfurization for acid-base balance

4, cleaning and disinfection

5, in addition to tar

6, armor wash flue gas on the flue gas cleaning and disinfection

7, armor professional in addition to dioxin

8, harmful substances through the pipeline into the fine filter system, purifier flue gas condensing system; high voltage electric field and ozone sterilization system; dry adsorber; activated carbon, activated aluminum adsorption system and other modern purification system, the flue gas through the chimney emissions. Inspection by the test center, flue gas to meet emission standards.

C, waste incinerator device structure

The main structure of the cracking furnace Main building materials: metal sheet, brick and concrete structure, refractory material, insulation material, return flow device, oxygen device, purification device, high pressure sprayer, flue gas purifier, centrifuge, high pressure water pump, carbon fiber Adsorption materials and so on.

D, the working principle of the incinerator

The use of control oxygen into the furnace to adjust the rate of garbage cracking; the use of furnace into the oxygen into the furnace once the ignition, never extinguished.

Through the control of oxygen into the device can adjust the temperature inside the furnace, the garbage center temperature of 850-1200 degrees, and then use the furnace garbage nearly 3 meters of garbage layer to filter the flue gas discharge standards, garbage in the furnace within the crack can eventually consume 70 % More than the harmful substances.

The flame in the furnace is like a burning cigarette butts. The garbage inside the furnace like tobacco and filter, the use of garbage from their own 40% moisture, high temperature under the action of the water vapor in the garbage continue to evaporate, to absorb the garbage generated by the decomposition of harmful gases.

The use of disposal of flue gas purification equipment to further purify the emissions of gas, so that discharge standards.

Companies firmly believe that by virtue of the company's patented technology and top talent, to create a garbage ecological treatment and resource recycling technology, will be able to build a beautiful ecological environment and promote social harmony and make a greater contribution to the benefit of mankind.

The above is Garbage incinerator to solve the problem of garbage mountains,more relevant knowledge,such as price,daily output can be free online consultation,Our account manager will answer your questions online in real time.

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