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Principles and Interests of Domestic Waste Disposal

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Domestic Waste Disposal

waste incineration

The advantage of the incineration is that the reduction effect is good (the volume of the residue after incineration is reduced by more than 97% and the weight is reduced by more than 85%). Foreign life of more than 90% of the garbage are taken to deal with incineration. However, according to the United States reported that the incineration plant construction and production costs are extremely expensive, the economic value of electricity generated by waste incineration is far less than the cost of incineration of waste, to leave a huge economic losses.

Garbage composting

Domestic waste composting large, low nutrient content, long-term use easily lead to soil compaction and groundwater quality deterioration. And there are some limitations, because the decomposition can only be organic ingredients, only for kitchen garbage, leftovers and fruit skin and so on. And aerobic decomposition process of leakage and odor on the air and the human body is also a great harm.


Although the operation method is simple, but easily lead to secondary pollution of groundwater resources. Wasting a lot of land and arable land area, for countries like China, as many people, with the passage of time, landfill sites and environmental resources, the scarcity of scarcity, landfill inherent sewage, odor, mosquito and other issues Especially in the groundwater pollution is particularly evident; and the rapid growth of waste can not be avoided, and in the burial process required a lot of manpower, material and financial resources, to the relevant departments of the financial expenditure also caused considerable pressure.

Advantages of the Company Incinerator

1, the market cost cheap (a small incinerator put into operation just a few million, simple and practical, easy management), low management costs (put into operation almost no management fees); and large incinerator one-time investment and management costs High, generally township counties and cities lack of funds and tension, which led to investment can not afford, while the amount of waste is insufficient, dilemma (not to deal with not), so my company's products are your choice.

2, do not need power facilities and combustion of fire in the form of fire can be burned, as long as the product process in accordance with the operation, you can one-time ignition, it will never turn off the effect, so that it can be easily built away from the suburbs and infrastructure is not complete Place to prevent pollution.

3, especially suitable for and against the current situation in China. China's geographical complex, and some infrastructure is not complete, some remote, and some daily garbage volume and transportation costs, so take a unified collection and processing methods are too high and not suitable for such a method, but not to deal with , So this cost can not afford, almost no interest in their own waste disposal only investment. So the above places with our products is more appropriate, while our incinerator daily processing capacity of 2-100 tons have to facilitate your choice, the cost is not large, and most of the products on the market are heated by combustion or power heating Incineration to deal with garbage, similar to our product on the market and no, and my company's products just to meet and meet this demand and blank.

4, incineration to reduce the effect of good (after burning the residue to reduce the volume of more than 97%, weight reduction of more than 85%), the treatment thoroughly.

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