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Classification of Rural Domestic Refuse Disposal

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Rural waste refers to solid waste generated in daily life services. Mainly by the organic matter, coal ash, sediment, plastic, paper and other components. It can be divided into four categories: recyclable garbage, kitchen garbage, hazardous waste and other garbage. It is mainly from family, business, catering, hotel, tourism, municipal sanitation, transportation, culture and education, administrative business, industrial enterprise and water Processing of sludge and so on.

Inappropriate disposal of rural waste, first through the soil to the surrounding migration. Second, the living garbage contains a lot of organic matter, in the appropriate temperature and humidity by microbial decomposition, will release a large number of CH4, CO2 and trace amounts of H2S, NH3, pollution of the surrounding atmospheric environment, and finally, the pollution of water. If the hazardous waste directly discharged into the river, river, lake, sea and other places, or open dumping of waste from the surface runoff into the water, the water can dissolve harmful ingredients, poisoning organisms, resulting in severe water hypoxia, eutrophication, Leading to fish death.

The main methods of rural waste are comprehensive utilization, sanitary landfill, incineration and composting. Its purpose is to reduce the amount of garbage, reduction, resource, harmless.

Incineration is the most commonly used modern technology in the world to deal with domestic waste. After the incineration of household waste, can be efficient, stable, fast, thorough cleaning.

Incineration is an effective way to deal with rubbish. But the incinerator is currently burning more garbage, the most ideal incinerator devaluation "clean incineration technology" "resource utilization waste incinerator."

Resource utilization waste incinerator, is based on the three elements of material combustion, and take the fuzzy design approach, so that garbage in the furnace closed in the hypoxic environment, from bottom to top, to achieve cooling, burning, charcoal, combustible gas, dry And other combustion products, and then access to a large number of carbon monoxide, hydrogen, methane and other carbohydrate-based combustible gases, these combustible gas is garbage renewable new energy, has a high heat, can replace diesel and natural gas, used in incineration Furnace behind the tail gas treatment tower, high temperature incineration of flue gas, oxidation of toxic gases in the flue gas, so as to achieve waste disposal, resource use, the protection of the environment, in July 2007 by the national patent.

Resource utilization waste incinerator is a high load, closed, without any odor spill, there is no gas leakage of combustible gas generator. In the absence of diesel, heavy oil, mixed oil, natural gas conditions, the integrated realization of garbage dewatering, garbage gasification, garbage and other incineration of the whole process. Is garbage clean incineration of new technologies, new technology, new products.

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