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Development history of rural solid waste incinerator

Release time:2017-03-09Author:admin

City garbage and various domestic garbage with the economic and social development, increasing, and how to carry out recycling, and effective disposal of waste has become an important research topic. Here, we only about the part of the waste incineration process and equipment to introduce. Simple incineration will cause harm to the atmospheric environment and geographical environment, only professional equipment can be efficient, practical, environmental protection and so on.

Waste incinerator is one

Which comprises a furnace body, a rotary drying device, a conical mixing device, a combustion chamber, a smoke mouth, a slagging device, an inlet system, a flue gas treatment device, a chimney, a microcomputer. Which is characterized in that the upper part of the furnace body is provided with a rotary drying device, which can continuously turn the living garbage and drying it into a loose and dry garbage to the furnace body. The outlet of the drying device extends from the center of the furnace into the furnace from the bottom of the furnace, and a conical mixing device is arranged in the furnace directly below the elbow. The tank is uniformly and loosely supplied to the furnace interface.

The incinerator is also connected with the microcomputer, microcomputer control by the relevant parts of the operation. The incinerator can be burned without the aid of fuel in the case of non-sorted garbage, a high degree of automation, burning production and high quality. The incinerator is compact, safe and reliable, manufacturing costs and operating costs are low.

Domestic waste incinerator using high-temperature combustion, the second addition of oxygen, automatic dumping of high-tech measures to achieve the sewage monitoring requirements. At present, in the world and China commonly used incinerator equipment mainly in the following categories.

Waste incineration technology in foreign applications and development has been a few decades of history, more mature furnace type pulsed stove incinerator, mechanical grate incinerator, fluidized bed incinerator, rotary incinerator and CAO incinerator The Specific characteristics of the furnace we will continue to explain in the subsequent text.

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