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Code of practice and behavior standard for municipal solid waste incinerator

Release time:2017-05-12Author:admin

At present, China has become a waste disposal power, all kinds of garbage around the residents and can not be solved, the emergence of garbage incinerator can solve some problems, but palliative, the real roots or appear in our own body.

Domestic waste disposal is a major issue related to environmental pollution, the field of life of civil waste centralized treatment must use a professional waste incineration equipment to do incineration, but also must comply with the State Environmental Protection Agency and the relevant environmental protection departments for equipment parameters and Operational specifications and strict implementation. The specific provisions are as follows:

1, garbage incinerator incineration standards

Reference standard CJ / T118-2000 Domestic waste incinerator GB / T18750-2002 Domestic waste incineration boiler GB18485-2001 Municipal solid waste incineration pollution control standard JB [2001] 213 Municipal solid waste incineration treatment project construction standards DBJ13-93-2007 Fujian Province Municipal solid waste incineration plant operation and maintenance, testing and evaluation and evaluation of the standard "industrial boiler technical standards application Daquan."

2, garbage incinerator incineration range

The operation and management standard of the municipal solid waste incinerator stipulates the classification, type and technical requirements of the municipal solid waste incinerator, and is applicable to the operation and management of various domestic waste incinerators.

3, garbage incinerators according to the different ways of living garbage burning into four categories.

The use of stratified combustion of the garbage incinerator for the grate type living garbage incinerator.

The use of boiling combustion of the garbage incinerator for the fluidized bed of domestic waste incinerator.

The use of horizontal rotary combustion of the garbage incinerator for the rotary kiln living garbage incinerator.

Using other domestic waste burning incinerators for other forms of domestic waste incinerators.

The above is Code of practice and behavior standard for municipal solid waste incinerator,more relevant knowledge,such as price,daily output can be free online consultation,Our account manager will answer your questions online in real time.

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