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The Impact of Urban Solid Waste Incinerator on Future Life

Release time:2017-04-07Author:admin

In life we can not avoid the production of garbage, garbage is divided into many types, some kitchen waste, some plastic waste, how to deal with these garbage so that we need to discuss the next content. At the same time we will also analyze the use of domestic waste incinerator will have an impact on our future life.

The proportion of incombustible components in municipal waste is large, the value of waste is low, the content of water is high, and the composition of waste is changed by geographical, seasonal, urban consumption and year. Therefore, it is necessary to change the composition of waste incinerator Is a change in moisture and calorific value) has a strong adaptability, according to the fluctuations in the composition of the combustion process for timely and effective adjustment to ensure that the garbage in a timely manner and stable combustion. Should be through the introduction of foreign advanced equipment, accumulated operational experience, and gradually digest foreign advanced technology, combined with China's actual situation, development and development of China's national conditions for the waste incineration equipment.

Waste incinerator, is the burning of garbage equipment, garbage in the furnace combustion, into the exhaust gas into the secondary combustion chamber, burning in the burner under the mandatory combustion, and then into the spray filter, dust after chimney row Into the atmosphere.

Equipment composition

The waste incinerator is composed of four main systems: waste pretreatment system, incineration system, smoke biochemical dust removal system and gas generating furnace (auxiliary ignition incineration). The automatic feeding, sizing, drying, burning, cleaning and dusting is controlled by One.


Handling garbage range can handle a wide range of industrial waste, garbage, hospital waste, waste rubber tires and so on.

High thermal efficiency of combustion Combustion thermal efficiency of more than 80%, even if the water is very large garbage, combustion heat efficiency is more than 70%.

Low operating and maintenance costs due to the use of a lot of special design and high level of automation and control, so less operating personnel (including ash residue personnel, including a furnace only two), maintenance work is also less.

High reliability After nearly 20 years of operation shows that the incinerator failure rate is very low, the annual operation of more than 8000 hours, the general utilization rate of up to 95%.

High level of emission control due to the use of secondary flue gas re-combustion and advanced flue gas treatment equipment, so that flue gas has been fully processed.

The grate is self-cleaning under the purge of compressed air.

Analysis of the characteristics of various municipal waste incineration equipment can be seen, combined with China's national conditions to develop inclined reciprocating push furnace incinerator is reasonable and feasible. Taking into account the actual situation in China, in the development of large-scale garbage boilers, construction of large-scale waste incineration plant at the same time, should encourage the development of small and medium-sized waste incineration equipment.

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