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Analysis on the Market Prospect of Municipal Solid Waste Incinerator

Release time:2017-04-07Author:admin

Henan Huatai Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. as a professional production of rural solid waste incinerator manufacturers, for the current way of garbage disposal in China expressed faint concern, with the rapid development of production and rapid economic rise, China has entered the city of high quality production Of the ranks. Therefore, for the treatment of domestic waste we need to take some large-scale action.

According to statistics, in 1990 China's total output of urban waste 69 million t, of which Shanghai's city's garbage output of 2.7 million t (about 7500 t per day), ranking first in the country. In 1995, the total output of municipal waste in China reached 100 million t. According to the survey of 418 large and medium cities, the output of garbage in China's cities is increasing at an annual rate of 10%. It is estimated that the annual output of garbage will reach about 2 In 2014, the annual garbage collection of the national garbage has reached more than 60 billion t, the occupation of land area of up to 500 million m2 (75 million mu). More than 600 cities in the country, more than 200 seats have been surrounded by garbage mountain. Therefore, the development of China's municipal waste incineration technology research and equipment development and application is imperative.

Municipal solid waste contains combustible and non-combustible waste two parts, including combustible parts, including waste paper, rags, bamboo, leather, plastic and animal and plant residues. And non-combustible parts for all types of waste metal, sand, glass and ceramic debris and so on. China's urban consumption is low, the proportion of non-flammable ingredients is higher, calorific value is much lower than the developed countries. However, China's urban living standards are constantly improving, urban waste is to reduce the moisture content, the gradual increase in the trend of the development of combustible components, medium-sized cities above the garbage calorific value is generally 2512 ~ 4605 kJ / kg, individual regions have reached 3349 ~ 6280 kJ / Kg, has reached or approached the requirements of waste incineration (calorific value of not less than 3350 kJ / kg).

It should be noted that the proportion of non-flammable components in municipal waste is large, the value of waste is low and the moisture content is high, and the composition of waste is changed by geographical, seasonal, urban consumption and year. Therefore, Changes in the composition of the waste (especially the changes in moisture and calorific value) have a strong adaptability, can be based on the fluctuations in the composition of the waste of the combustion process in a timely and effective adjustment to ensure the timely ignition of garbage and stable combustion. Since 1985, Shenzhen from Japan to introduce the Martin-type incinerator since the incense, China's Zhuhai, Guangzhou and other cities have also adopted a foreign waste incineration system, the Shanghai Pudong New Area of domestic waste incineration plant will also introduce the French company to provide the tilt reciprocating grate Incinerator. Should be through the introduction of foreign advanced equipment, accumulated operational experience, and gradually digest foreign advanced technology, combined with China's actual situation, development and development of China's national conditions for the waste incineration equipment.

Analysis of the characteristics of various municipal waste incineration equipment can be seen, combined with China's national conditions to develop inclined reciprocating push furnace incinerator is reasonable and feasible. In the design, in addition to consider the heating surface heat transfer efficiency, but also should consider the heating surface and furnace wall corrosion and wear, flue gas purification and automatic control and other issues. In the furnace arch and furnace design and combustion air layout, distribution, should take full account of China's urban waste low calorific value, high water content characteristics.

Taking into account the actual situation in China, in the development of large-scale garbage boilers, construction of large-scale waste incineration plant at the same time, should encourage the development of small and medium-sized solid waste incineration equipment. Because not all places can be built waste incineration plant, small living garbage incinerator can also be used anywhere.

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