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The Early Development of Domestic Waste Incinerator

Release time:2017-04-07Author:admin

Urban life waste treatment equipment is now not very mature to develop, but compared to the past has been much better, today we explain the Western countries in the development process of the role of incinerator, the analysis of how the garbage incinerator step by step To the present.

From the second half of the nineteenth century, Western developed countries have embarked on the design and development of waste incineration equipment. The main purpose of the application of waste incineration technology and equipment at that time was:

(1)at the high temperature of garbage harmless treatment, the elimination of bacteria and pathogens;

(2)producing ash that can be used;

(3)to avoid the smoke and smell due to combustion;

(4)the energy contained in the waste into steam, electricity or hot water to be used;

(5)the incineration of waste at the lowest possible cost, and the equipment operation and working conditions are reasonable;

(6)Incinerate all unused combustible wastes.

The world's first solid waste incineration plant was born in Europe during the second technological revolution. In the second half of the nineteenth century, Paddington in the UK had developed into a densely populated industrial city. In 1870, a waste incinerator was put into operation in Paddington City. At that time the garbage and ash are very large, so the heat is low and difficult to burn, so the operation of this incinerator bad, soon to stop operation. In order to solve the problem of poor quality of waste and incineration, the double-layer grate (the strong coal seam on the lower grate) was used to burn the garbage in 1884 to improve the combustion characteristics of the waste fuel. However, both attempts failed to achieve satisfactory results, and because of the low chimney, making the surrounding environment by the irritation of flue gas pollution.

In order to solve the problem of irritating flue gas and carbon black pollution, the first step is to increase the incineration temperature to 700 ℃, and then further increased to 800 ~ 1100 ℃. At that time people have been aware of the amount of combustion air and the way the impact of the flue gas temperature, so have adopted a high chimney, equipped with blower and fan and other measures to increase the ventilation and incineration process to meet the needs of the amount of combustion air. After the chimney is raised, it also solves the problem of the proliferation of irritating and harmful substances in flue gas.

As the type and composition of waste can vary greatly with geographical and seasonal differences, waste incineration equipment must have good fuel adaptability. In this regard, the technical measures taken at that time were the addition of waste dry areas in the incinerator and the use of combustion air preheating.

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