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The company took you to understand the applicability of the garbage disposal technology

Release time:2017-04-06Author:admin

At present, China's domestic waste disposal problem is still very serious, in the face of a large number of living garbage, the country is not yet a systematic solution, rural garbage incinerator at this time seems to reflect the value, and now we and a Up to analyze the applicability of domestic waste disposal.

Domestic waste disposal and disposal is the main problem faced by some large and medium cities in China. With the change of domestic waste components, the traditional waste disposal method is no longer suitable for the current waste disposal form. In this paper, from the perspective of garbage utilization, through the domestic and international waste utilization technology and technology comparison, put forward the garbage resource recycling economy development model, in order to expand the diversification of waste disposal in China provides a theoretical basis and reference.

At present, the world has a total of 22,200 domestic waste incineration plant, of which about 1,900 garbage incineration power plant, the total incineration capacity of 576000t / d, the annual incineration of about 1.5 × 108t. Most of these incineration facilities are located in developed countries and regions, about 35 countries and regions to build and run the domestic waste incineration plant. (Including Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, China Macau, China, etc.), with 25% of the countries in the EU, accounting for 35% of the total annual incineration in the EU. ) Accounted for 12%, other regions (Russia, Ukraine, Canada, Brazil, Monaco, etc.) accounted for 4%.

According to statistics, in 1990 the total production of municipal waste in China was 6.9 × 107t, by 2000 the total production of municipal solid waste has reached 1.4 × 108t, the average annual growth of 7.4%. If the annual growth of 4%, by 2010, China's urban living garbage production will reach about 2 × 108t. More than 600 cities in the country, there are more than 200 blocks have been surrounded by garbage mountain. The long-term open dumping of garbage has caused significant harm to the atmospheric environment, groundwater and soil.

China's waste disposal methods are mainly sanitary landfill, incineration, composting. During the 10th Five-Year Plan period, China's domestic waste disposal industry has never been developed. By 2005, there were 366 landfills, with a landfill capacity of 6.8 × 107t / a, an increase of 16% compared with 2000. In 2005, a total of 67 incineration and power plants were built. The incineration capacity of waste incineration was 7.9 × 107t / a, which was 10 times higher than that in 2000, but the proportion of incineration was still only 9.9% of the total municipal solid waste. Monitoring results show that at present there is no national municipal solid waste landfill emissions indicators can all meet the national standards. For example, according to the 2006 "Beijing Municipal Solid Waste Landfill Pollution Risk Assessment" report pointed out: the city's 490 landfill, the existence of moderate and severe pollution risk of 231. From the 14 landfill groundwater quality monitoring results, the nearby groundwater are subject to varying degrees of pollution, all poor or poor, and downstream groundwater pollution is more serious than the upstream, individual bacteria even exceeded a few times.

The treatment of garbage has been a very serious problem, foreign advanced technology we should learn from, so as to ensure that our living environment is not destroyed, still living in a healthy and good society.

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