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Analysis and Discussion on the Process of Domestic Waste Incinerator

Release time:2017-04-05Author:admin

The number and frequency of municipal solid waste incinerators have been significantly improved in recent years. Of course, the incinerators produced by each company are different, and this is to be classified according to the classification of household waste. Here is the Henan Huatai Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. for everyone to analyze the process of domestic waste incinerator.

The company's self-incineration incinerator uses foreign advanced technology and management mode of waste incineration, through natural principles and after a series of scientific improvements to solve a series of shortcomings and gaps in the burning of steel waste in the country.

The core technology of this product, by the national environmental analysis test, China test, Zhejiang Institute of high research and testing center test, dioxin emissions reached 0.015 ng / cube.

1, the main structure of the incinerator:

Main building materials: brick and concrete structure, refractory materials, insulation materials, return flow device, oxygen device, etc. ,, furnace average life of 10-15 years. The entire garbage disposal site covers an area of not less than 120M2, the specific amount of land can be determined according to the actual.

2, the daily handling capacity of incinerators:

Incinerator daily treatment of domestic waste 2-500 tons (24 hours). Domestic waste by 800-1200oC high temperature baking, evaporation, oxidation, incineration, into the ash, to harmless treatment.

3, the operation of the incinerator

Simple operation: a furnace only a burner, add a daily garbage to the furnace, according to the actual situation around the timely adjustment. Can be added daily can also be added every other day; and not affected by weather, climate. Such as in accordance with the operation process and the role of norms, can reach a ignition, never extinguish the effect.

City garbage incinerator is not only simple to operate, but also to everyone's living environment to bring great landscaping, so that everyone's life is no longer filled with the taste of trash pungent. Domestic waste incinerator prices in Henan Huatai Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. also has a detailed comparison of the official website, I believe this will be a very high cost choice.

The above is Analysis and Discussion on the Process of Domestic Waste Incinerator,more relevant knowledge,such as price,daily output can be free online consultation,Our account manager will answer your questions online in real time.

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