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The company analyzes the waste disposal plant equipment base

Release time:2017-04-05Author:admin

Is not the only choice for waste disposal plants, so this time we analyze the equipment base of the waste disposal plant. Of course, garbage disposal plant is also divided into many styles, it is necessary according to their way of dealing with garbage which, then, and Henan Huatai Environmental Equipment Co., Ltd. to understand it!

Sanitary landfill

The leachate collection and drainage system should be laid in the seepage layer of landfill area. Sanitary landfill should be set up leachate control tank and sewage treatment device, leachate after treatment standards can be discharged into the environment. Adjust the pool should take measures such as blocking to prevent the odorous substance from contaminating the atmosphere. Landfill leachate treatment should adopt the "pretreatment - biological treatment - depth treatment and post-processing" combination process. Other processes can be used after demonstrating sufficient technical reliability and economic rationality, subject to national and local emission standards.

Domestic waste sanitary landfill should carry out rain and sewage diversion and set up rainwater drainage system to collect and discharge rainwater in the catchment area that may flow to the landfill area, upstream rainwater and rainwater that are not in contact with domestic garbage in the landfill area. The rainwater collected from the rainwater drainage system shall not be mixed with the leachate. The sanitary landfill must set up an effective landfill gas drainage facility to recover the landfill gas and prevent the landfill gas from spontaneous accumulation, migration and fire. Sanitary landfill does not have landfill gas utilization conditions, should be derived for centralized combustion treatment. Safety and stability of the old sanitary landfill should not improve the effective landfill gas drainage and treatment facilities.

Should ensure that the quality of domestic landfill construction. Select the appropriate qualification of the construction team and quality assurance of the construction materials, develop a reasonable and reliable construction plans and construction quality control measures to avoid and reduce the construction of the seepage prevention system due to damage and failure. After the construction of the landfill, the seepage control system should be fully tested at the time of acceptance to detect damage and repair in time.

Incineration plant

Domestic waste incineration plant site should meet the national and industry-related standards, incineration plant design and construction should meet the "domestic waste incineration treatment engineering technical specifications CJJ90", "garbage incineration treatment project construction standards" and "domestic waste incineration pollution Control standards GB 18485 "and other relevant standards and local standards around the requirements.

Domestic waste incineration plant annual working days should be 365 days, each production line of the operating time should be more than 8000 hours. Domestic waste incineration system design service period should not be less than 20 years. The effective volume of the living garbage pool should be determined according to the amount of domestic waste incineration of 5-7 days. Garbage leachate collection facilities should be provided for domestic waste ponds. Domestic garbage pool wall and the bottom of the finishes should meet the corrosion resistance, impact resistance, impervious water and other requirements, the outer wall and the bottom should be waterproof.

Domestic waste in the incinerator should be fully burned, the second combustion chamber flue gas at no less than 850 ℃ under the conditions of residence time of not less than 2 seconds, incineration slag burning rate should be controlled within 5%. Flue gas purification system must be set up bag filter, remove the incineration of dust in the dust. Acidic contaminants include hydrogen chloride, hydrogen fluoride, sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides, etc., should be used dry, semi-dry, wet or a combination of treatment process to remove them. Priority should be given to the combustion control of the waste incineration process to suppress the generation of nitrogen oxides and the installation of the denitrification oxide system or the installation of the system.

Waste gas incineration process should take effective measures to control the emissions of dioxin in flue gas, the specific measures include: strict control of combustion chamber incineration of flue gas temperature, residence time and airflow disturbance conditions; reduce flue gas at 200 ℃ -500 ℃ temperature Area of residence time; set the activated carbon powder and other adsorbent into the device, remove the flue gas dioxin and heavy metals.

The height of the chimney of the incinerator of 300 tons / day and above shall not be less than 60 meters, and the chimney shall be higher than the height of the building by more than 3 meters. Domestic waste incineration plant architectural style, the overall tone should be coordinated with the surrounding environment. Plant building modeling should be simple and generous, economical and practical. The layout and space layout of the plant should meet the requirements of installation, replacement and maintenance of the equipment and ancillary equipment.

The above is The company analyzes the waste disposal plant equipment base,more relevant knowledge,such as price,daily output can be free online consultation,Our account manager will answer your questions online in real time.

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