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Operation Rules of Municipal Solid Waste Incinerator

Release time:2017-04-05Author:admin

Although the municipal solid waste incinerator to our life, the environment and other aspects of a lot of convenience or benefits, it seems that all the garbage disposal problems are solved. But the garbage incinerator is also a certain operating procedures, or can be said to run the management, only in accordance with this management to do, can really do harmless, resource utilization. Give our lives more positive impact.

Operation management

Refuse to receive and store: to prohibit the hazardous waste and building slag into the garbage plant; to accept the province outside the garbage need to report the provincial construction departments; if the government departments need to burn medical waste, drugs, fake and shoddy products and other substances, to implement security isolation Measures to avoid accidents.

To keep the garbage storage pit in a negative pressure state, to prevent the smell of emissions, incineration should be buried pit gas into the furnace incineration, when the incineration line should be shut down when the unloading door, start the mechanical waste exhaust deodorization system; Landfill leachate drainage facilities smooth, improve fire prevention measures.

The window between the crane operating room and the junk pits should be cleaned regularly to ensure the accuracy of the incinerator feed. The hopper hopper eliminates the device and allows it to be remotely controlled and ensures good equipment.

Incinerator requirements

The construction acceptance of the municipal solid waste incinerator must meet the requirements of GB50273 and DL / T5047. Qualification should be carried out before the GB10180 and GB / T10184 thermal test. The incinerator should be equipped with a combustion control system to accommodate changes in the amount of waste and calorific value. Reasonable configuration of a secondary air volume and its proportion is the key to control the combustion conditions. When the combustion conditions are unstable to cause the furnace temperature below 850 ℃, should start the combustion burner, so that the furnace temperature to maintain above 850 ℃; flue gas oxygen content should not be less than 6%; have sufficient turbulence strength, to ensure uniform mixing.

Regular maintenance and repair of waste incinerator for waste incinerator to ensure that the incinerator can be started normally after shutdown. There is a reliable sealing and insulation properties, the ambient air around the incinerator must meet the requirements of TJ36. The garbage incinerator grate of each burning section of the garbage layer is often monitored to prevent uneven distribution of garbage layer caused by deterioration of combustion conditions.

Daily slag hot burning rate of the test will help the incineration of the conditions for timely regulation and control, conditional or per class can be a slag heat burning rate detection. The test and calculation of heat reduction is carried out with reference to the requirements of CJ / T20. Incineration of slag and ash must be their own regular sampling, according to the requirements of GB5085.3 to identify its toxicity.

Furnace wall and furnace arch selection of fire, insulation materials must meet the current national and industry standards, according to different parts of the furnace wall selection of different traits of fire, insulation materials.

When the low calorific value of not less than 6.38MJ / Kg should be set when the furnace wall cooling. The wall of the furnace, watch the hole, adjust the body, soot the device should be set out the necessary furnace wall reinforcement components, set pressure relief or explosion-proof device. The outer surface of the furnace wall, furnace arch and hopper requires a reliable protective enclosure.

Domestic waste is also to follow a certain target to deal with, whether in rural areas or in the city, domestic waste is an important factor affecting people's lives, therefore, solve the problem of garbage without delay.

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