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Operation System of Incineration Boiler in Domestic Waste Incinerator

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In the current state of life, the domestic waste incinerator is no longer a strange term, and everyone is aware of him because of the troubles of garbage disposal. But we are only one-sided understanding of the use of this machine, but its internal structure and working principle are not very understanding. The following is a selection of knowledge from the point, for everyone to read.

Waste heat utilization is a concrete manifestation of incineration of municipal solid waste. Waste heat utilization methods are power generation, combined heat supply, heating, etc., the specific choice of which can be based on the characteristics of garbage, the size of the project and the specific situation, after the technical and economic comparison to determine. The design, manufacture, installation, operation and inspection of waste heat boilers must comply with the Regulations on Safety and Technical Supervision of Steam Boilers and the Technical Regulations for Safety of Hot Water Boilers.

Industrial boilers as the primary link in the energy conversion process in the thermal system, producing steam or hot water is the purpose of the combustion and heat transfer process is the foundation. So to ensure that the amount of evaporation at any time with the outside world with the heat load to adapt the temperature, vapor pressure stabilized within the specified range; balanced water supply and maintain the normal water level drum to ensure qualified steam quality; maintain stable economic combustion, to minimize losses, Improve the efficiency of the boiler; with skilled operation skills in a timely and accurate manner to adjust the boiler.

(1) start in preparation for ignition, must be in accordance with the maintenance requirements and standards, a comprehensive inspection to ensure that the entire part of the boiler are suitable for the requirements of the state of ignition, while the inspection staff to understand and master the equipment and the system.

(2) monitoring and regulating the operation of the boiler load changes in the boiler equipment should be a series of operational adjustments to achieve a new dynamic stability, to ensure that the boiler body and auxiliary equipment and fuel supply equipment and the amount of steam generated and the quality of the phase adapt.

(3) the operation of the combustion regulation Boiler operation in the regulation, mainly to adjust the water supply, fuel combustion and lead, air volume, combustion adjustment, including coal and ventilation and their relationship with each other.

(4) the sewage on time to carry out regular sewage, boiler sewage pipe one by one to carry out the sewage, must ensure that the maintenance of the boiler has been isolated from the sewage pipe system, boiler water level higher than the normal water level.

(5) blowing ash before the ash should be appropriate to increase the furnace negative pressure, check the soot no smoke or leakage phenomenon, usually each class soot 1 to 2 times.

(6) after the shutdown furnace should be based on its cooling curve to cool, to ensure uniform cooling everywhere, and do not drastically reduce the pressure of the boiler.

The role of burning the boiler is still very important, although the principle of the work of some complex, but the final operation of the operation is still relatively simple. To this, Henan Huatai Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. is also called again, I hope you do not casually throw garbage, to jointly protect our planet.

The above is Operation System of Incineration Boiler in Domestic Waste Incinerator,more relevant knowledge,such as price,daily output can be free online consultation,Our account manager will answer your questions online in real time.

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