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Comparison and Selection of Domestic Waste Incinerator

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China's large number of population, the amount of garbage produced is amazing, in the garbage incinerator gradually known to everyone today, this problem will be resolved sooner or later, but the problem of time and speed. And now the town of garbage incinerator rich variety, and now for everyone to explain the market to use more of the working principle of the incinerator it!

With the continuous improvement of urban functions in China, the people's living standards continue to improve, the calorie value of urban solid waste will increase year by year, so that the feasibility and economy of municipal solid waste incineration are greatly improved. Incineration of high temperature harmless and rapid capacity reduction capacity, is the other processing methods can not be compared, it has gradually adopted for the major cities in China. Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Sichuan Leshan, Guangzhou, Zhuhai, Shaoxing and other large and medium-sized cities have successively put into the implementation of municipal solid waste incineration project.

Choice of waste incinerators:

In the waste incineration process, the most important thing is the choice of incinerator furnace, the world's typical garbage incinerators generally have the following: mechanical furnace layout, fluidized, rotary type.

A. Mechanical grate incinerator:

The basic principle of the mechanical grate incinerator is to use the mechanical grate to form the hearth, the movement of the grate so that garbage constantly turning, stirring and forward or reverse implementation. The main process is: the garbage from the grab into the furnace before the hopper, through the trough with a hydraulic feeder at the speed set to push the garbage into the furnace, the garbage with the operation of the forward movement, and with the grate The bottom of the hot air into the mixing, flip, so that garbage can be dry, ignition, burning so burning. It is running at a temperature greater than 850 ° C and the flue gas temperature is at a high temperature of more than 850 ° C for more than 2 seconds to ensure that the organic components of the flue gas are decomposed. The main feature of the furnace incinerator is its wide range of applications , It can not only adapt to the low moisture content of Europe, high calorific value of garbage, but also for the Asian high moisture content of low calorific value of garbage.

It is into the furnace of the garbage particle size is no special requirements, generally by the garbage collection truck sent garbage without breaking can be directly into the incinerator burning. And its combustion efficiency is high, the combustion efficiency is generally up to 75-78%. The burning rate of slag can reach about 3%. Mechanical grate incinerator variety, the use of long history, and has a high reliability. At present, the world's widely used stoves are Denmark's Volund, Switzerland's Venroll, Germany's Martin and rolling grate and other grate type.

B. Fluidized bed incinerator

Fluidized bed incinerator is a highly efficient incinerator developed in recent years. It works by adding garbage to a fluidized bed in contact with a high temperature sand and heating it. The fluidized bed is a hot air blown out of the bottom plate. The rubbish and the sand are blown and boiled. form. The biggest difference between it and the mechanical grate incinerator is that there is no movement in the furnace, and the furnace is usually arranged vertically. The process is: garbage into the hopper, with a screw conveyor to the upper part of the incinerator feed, and the furnace 600-700oC high temperature sand contact, garbage is heated, dry, fire and burning. After burning the ash from the sides of the role of both sides of the lower into the bottom of the screw conveyor, and use it to the shade connected to the vibrating screen, the incombustible material and sand separate, sand and then into the cycle hoist, re-input Furnace use, incombustible material discharged from the furnace.

The main feature of the fluidized bed incinerator is that the bed temperature is uniform and the rubbish particles are in good contact with the fluid. The reaction is fast, the incineration is complete, the heat intensity is high, and its thermal efficiency is generally 80-82%, and the garbage rate is very high , Incineration after the out of slag unburned components can reach about 1%; equipment size is relatively small. But it has a certain requirement for the grain size of the furnace, so the waste is mechanically broken before entering the incinerator. As China's garbage collection system is relatively backward, garbage collection is still in the primary state, garbage can not be classified mechanical crushing, so from the objective to limit the possibility of choosing this type of furnace. And because the garbage in the furnace all the high wind pressure by the high wind pressure of the air, so its power consumption, but also easy to blow all the small dust out of the furnace, causing a lot of ash at the boiler, and to the downstream flue gas Purification increases the load and difficulty. The process is currently no large-scale device operation.

C. Rotary kiln incinerator:

Rotary kiln incinerator for the refractory lining of the cylindrical device, which by the wheel, wheel support, horizontal placement, mild tilt, it is the rotation of their own cylinder to mix mixing garbage in order to waste incineration. The rotary kiln slowly mixes the garbage in the mixing furnace at a speed of about 1 turn per minute, ensuring the drying effect of the garbage and promoting the burning of the garbage. The incinerated waste is fed to the feeder, and the feeder continues to feed the waste into the incinerator. The garbage is moved downwards with the rotating furnace, and the waste is continuously exposed to the high temperature flue gas of the incinerator. The Rotary kiln incinerator main features are: simple structure, the main body is a liner with a cylindrical steel rotary kiln, the furnace rotation by the wheel, wheel and gear components. But its shortcomings is the slow rotation of the furnace, garbage mixing and incineration is not complete, garbage combustible ingredients higher, the refractory lining wear serious, high frequency of maintenance, it has a certain amount of dust particle size requirements. Not suitable for large capacity devices.

C. Comprehensive performance comparison of three types of furnaces:

Project mechanical grate incinerator fluidized bed incinerator rotary kiln incineration

Main drive mechanism grate sand circulation furnace

Burning air pressure low level

Garbage and air contact is better and worse

Ignition heating faster and faster

Flue gas in the high dust content is high

Area size

Garbage particle size requirements do not need to be needed

The required carrier does not need quartz sand

Burner size in the larger size

The height of the hopper is high and high

Residues in the residue are less (3%) less (1%) less

Easy to operate more convenient and convenient

To adapt to the low calorific value of garbage

Refractory materials wear small

Garbage disposal capacity in large and medium

Low operating costs are low and low

Maintenance of small workload (easy to lime) smaller

D, Conclusion:

In short, every kind of garbage incinerator has its own advantages, and thus also have their own shortcomings, to rational use. The following is the result of its analysis: the burning of municipal solid waste in China, or to select the mechanical grate incinerator is more appropriate. And when some garbage calorific value is too low, when mixed with coal, you can use fluidized bed incinerator.

The above is Comparison and Selection of Domestic Waste Incinerator,more relevant knowledge,such as price,daily output can be free online consultation,Our account manager will answer your questions online in real time.

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