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Municipal sewage treatment solution

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With the traditional activated sludge method, capital construction and operating costs are high, energy consumption is large, management is complicated, and sludge swelling is prone to occur; process equipment cannot meet the requirements of high efficiency and low consumption.

With the continuous stricter sewage discharge standards, the requirements for the discharge of nitrogen, phosphorus and other nutrients in sewage are higher. Traditional sewage treatment processes with nitrogen and phosphorus removal functions are mostly based on activated sludge methods, and often require multiple Anaerobic and aerobic reaction tanks are connected in series to form a multi-stage reaction tank. The purpose of denitrification and phosphorus removal is achieved by increasing the internal circulation. This will inevitably increase the cost and energy consumption of infrastructure investment and make the operation management more complicated.

At present, the treatment of urban sewage is mostly concentrated. The investment in the huge sewage collection system far exceeds the investment in the sewage treatment plant itself. Therefore, the construction of a large sewage treatment plant to centrally treat domestic sewage from the perspective of sewage regeneration and reuse That is not necessarily the only option.

Technical support

 Multi-stage aerated biological filter is used to replace ordinary biological tank: forced aeration of biological aerated filter, sufficient oxygen supply, the volume load of aerated biological pool can reach 2 ~ 10kgCOD / m3.d. The processing capacity is about 10 times that of ordinary biological filters. The specific surface area of ​​the SNP filler added to the aerated biological filter is up to 500 ~ 900m2 / m3, and the area available for biological attachment and growth in a unit volume is more than ten times that of the ordinary filter. The porosity is as high as 92% ~ 95%, the inert component only accounts for 4% ~ 8% of the pool capacity, and the effective space is more.

Adding different filter materials, so that the anaerobic, anoxic and aerobic zones are simultaneously contained in the unit filler, which is conducive to the formation of the food chain, and can simultaneously remove nitrogen, phosphorus, and organic matter under aerated conditions. Features.

 Replacing the sedimentation tank in the traditional water treatment process with an air floatation tank can greatly improve the removal rate of the aging and falling off biological membranes and suspended matter of the aerated biological filter, which can reduce the hydraulic retention time, reduce the footprint of the structure, and reduce For civil construction investment, compared with the sedimentation method, the area of ​​the air flotation method is only 1/8 ~ 1/2, and the tank volume is only 1/8 ~ 1/4. The water content of the discharged scum is greatly reduced, and the volume of the sludge is only 1/10 to 1/2, which facilitates the further treatment and disposal of the sludge and saves the processing cost.
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