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Comparative analysis of A2O process and its variants

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Comparative analysis of A2O process and its variants

The main problems of the nitrogen and phosphorus removal process in the A2O process are the contradiction between long nitrification age and phosphorus release and denitrification short mud age, contradiction between denitrification and phosphorus release carbon source allocation, and sludge backflow destroying the anaerobic environment and affecting phosphorus removal. The three variants of the A2O process are also designed primarily for these three issues.

The ordinary A2O process is usually used for wastewater with a high C / NC / P ratio. Due to the sufficient carbon source, the conflict between denitrification and phosphorus removal is less conflicting for the carbon source. The amount of carbon-containing organic matter that is easily biodegradable is large, and it is returned to the sludge. The carbon source consumed by NO-xN in the anaerobic zone will not have a significant effect on the release of phosphorus, and the system can achieve a good phosphorus removal effect. The improved A2O process added an anoxic conditioning tank at the front of the anaerobic tank to use part of the organic matter in the influent to denitrify NO-xN in the returning sludge, to a certain extent alleviate the release of NO-xN to the polyphosphate in the anaerobic zone. The adverse effects of phosphorus have maintained a relatively "suppressed" environment in the anaerobic zone. However, due to the limited carbon source obtained from the influent in the anoxic regulation tank, denitrification and denitrification mainly occur in subsequent anoxic tanks, while entering the water The carbon source does not completely enter the anaerobic tank for phosphorus removal. The final treatment effect is still affected by the proportion of sludge returned (slim age) and the content and distribution of organic matter in the influent. High nitrogen and phosphorus removal rates also require high C / N and C / P ratios for wastewater. Due to the addition of a pre-hypoxia tank, the infrastructure cost of the improved A2O process increases, and the floor space and processing costs increase.
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