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Wastewater discharge

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Wastewater discharge
Urban sewage (municipal sewage, municipal wastewater) Wastewater discharged into the urban sewage system collectively. The combined drainage system also includes production wastewater and trapped rainwater.
Urban sewage mainly includes domestic sewage and industrial sewage, which are collected by urban drainage pipe network and transported to sewage treatment plants for treatment. Biochemical methods are generally used to treat domestic sewage at home and abroad, because BOD5 / CODcr of domestic sewage is ≈0.5, which is highly biochemical. The contact oxidation method has the advantages of high volume load, short residence time, good organic matter removal effect, simple operation and small footprint. For this reason, we have adopted a contact oxidation method with mature technology and reliable operation. (Note that bod is the biological oxygen demand and cod is the chemical oxygen demand). Modern sewage treatment technology can be divided into primary, secondary and tertiary treatment processes according to the degree of treatment. Primary methods of sewage treatment use physical methods, such as sieving, sedimentation, etc. to remove insoluble suspended solids and floating materials in sewage. The secondary treatment of sewage is mainly the application of biological treatment methods, that is, the process of substance conversion through the metabolism of microorganisms, which oxidizes and decomposes various complex organic substances in sewage into simple substances. Biological treatment has certain requirements on sewage water quality, water temperature, dissolved oxygen content in water, pH value, etc. The tertiary treatment of sewage is based on the primary and secondary treatment, and the physical and chemical methods such as coagulation, filtration, ion exchange and reverse osmosis are used to remove the insoluble organic matter, phosphorus, nitrogen and other nutrient substances in the sewage. The composition of pollutants in sewage is very complicated, and the combination of the above methods is often required to meet the treatment requirements.
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