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Industrial waste water zero discharge

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Industrial waste water zero discharge
The characteristics of industrial production wastewater zero discharge equipment technology. In fact, the purpose of sewage treatment is to separate and treat pollutants in sewage through international advanced technology, or directly convert sewage into harmless and stable substances, thereby achieving the purification of sewage. . Not only can prevent the infection of viruses and poisons, but also avoid the appearance of odorous objects, so as to meet the needs of different uses.
It can be divided into physical method, biological method or chemical method or used together to achieve the purpose of removing harmful substances in sewage. Sewage treatment sites are determined based on water quality. Sewage treatment can be divided into first, second and third treatments.
Primary treatment of zero discharge treatment of industrial production wastewater:
Just use physical treatment and use sand sedimentation ponds, filters, fences, oil traps and other buildings to effectively remove oil slicks and solid suspended matter in the water, thereby achieving the effect of adjusting the pH value and reducing the degree of water corruption. After the primary treatment of sewage, the discharge standard is usually not met, so it is usually regarded as a pretreatment stage. It can reduce the burden of subsequent processes and improve efficiency.
Secondary treatment of zero discharge treatment of industrial production wastewater:
By biological or chemical means, organic matter in sewage can be degraded. After secondary treatment, water can reach agricultural irrigation and discharge standards, so secondary treatment is the main part of sewage treatment. At this time, there are still some insoluble organics and nutrients in the water, which cannot meet the higher discharge standards and cannot be discharged in water with poor dilution ability.
It can meet the requirements of sewage treatment in special industries such as urban sewage, rural sewage, highway service area sewage, and hospitals. However, the method of treating rural domestic sewage is different from the method of treating industrial wastewater and unconventional sewage. Therefore, quotation and processing technology are different. Urban streets, residential areas, greening around hotels, road washing, washing and cleaning of vehicle water, service areas, tourism distribution areas, holiday centers and shopping places, and other daily sewage treatment and secondary use, agricultural planting, water views River water purification, etc.
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