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Municipal Sewage Treatment

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Municipal Sewage Treatment
This equipment adopts international advanced biological treatment technology. Based on the summary of the domestic and foreign domestic sewage treatment equipment operation experience, combined with our company's own scientific research results and engineering practices, a complete set of organic wastewater treatment equipment that can be buried can be designed. It integrates the removal of BOD5, COD, NH3-N, and has the advantages of stable and reliable technical performance, good processing effect, low investment, automatic operation, convenient maintenance and operation, no land surface area, no need to build a house, no heating and insulation. Flowers and grass can be planted on the ground without affecting the surrounding environment.

This equipment is suitable for residential sewage, villages, towns, office buildings, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, nursing homes, institutions, schools, troops, hospitals, highways, railways, factories, mines, tourist attractions and other domestic sewage and similar Treatment and reuse of small and medium-sized industrial organic wastewater such as slaughtering, aquatic product processing, and food. The quality of sewage treated by this equipment meets national discharge standards. Our company can also provide reclaimed water reuse equipment according to user requirements.
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