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Chemical sewage disposal

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Chemical sewage disposal
Chemical wastewater refers to the wastewater produced during the production process of chemical plants, such as the production of ethylene, polyethylene, rubber, polyester, methanol, ethylene glycol, oil tanks, air separation and air pressure stations, and other oily wastewater. After biochemical treatment, it can generally reach the national secondary discharge standard. Now, due to the shortage of water resources, the water that meets the discharge standard needs to be further processed further to meet the industrial replenishment requirements and be reused.

The impurities in the water are mainly suspended particles and fine wool fibers. Using the principle of mechanical filtration, the impurities are removed using microporous filtration technology. The working condition of the filter equipment is controlled by a PLC or a time relay to achieve automatic backwashing and automatic operation. The pump head is provided with the required water head for the filter, and the water is directly introduced into the production system.
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