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Anaerobic-aerobic wastewater treatment process

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Anaerobic-aerobic wastewater treatment process, the process is as follows: sewage-pretreatment-anaerobic hydrolysis tank-contact oxidation tank-sedimentation tank-filter tank-effluent-sludge reflux design points:

A: The anaerobic hydrolysis tank is in the form of an up-flow anaerobic sludge bed reactor with a designed hydraulic retention time of 2 to 4 hours. The lower part of the anaerobic tank is the sludge bed area. The thickness of the sludge bed is usually controlled between 1 and 1.2M. The water inlet system can use a pulsed water inlet resistance water distribution system.

B: The biological contact oxidation process is a sewage treatment process between the activated sludge process and the biofilm process. There is a filler in the tank. Some of the microorganisms are fixed on the surface of the filler in the form of biofilms, and some of them are suspended in the floc and grow in water. Therefore, it has the characteristics of activated sludge method and biological filter. The aeration system can adopt blast or jet aeration and aeration systems (the investment and operating costs must be considered when designing). In order to cultivate different dominant species of microorganisms, it is effective to divide the contact oxidation tank into two compartments. The first effective hydraulic retention time is 2.5 hours, and the organic load is 1.15kgBOD5 / m3.d. The second compartment has an effective hydraulic retention time of 1.5 hours and an organic load of 0.768 kg BOD5 / m3.d. The main characteristics of the A / O method are: strong adaptability; impact resistance load; high volume load; no sludge swelling; very little sludge discharge; good denitrification effect.
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