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Processes in domestic sewage treatment

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 Domestic sewage treatment equipment

① AO process: AO is the abbreviation of Anoxic Oxic, AO process is also called anaerobic and aerobic process, A (Anaerobic) is an anaerobic section for nitrogen and phosphorus removal; O (Oxic) is an aerobic section for removing Organic matter in water. In the anaerobic section, anaerobic bacteria hydrolyze and acidify starch and carbohydrate-soluble organic matter in domestic sewage, and degrade large-molecule organic matter into small-molecule organic matter, which improves the subsequent aerobic treatment capacity. Its advantage is that in addition to degrading organic pollutants, it also has a certain function of denitrification and phosphorus removal. It is an anaerobic hydrolysis technology used as a pretreatment of activated sludge, so the AO method is an improved activated sludge method. . The AO process has the characteristics of simple process, less investment, and total nitrogen removal of more than 70%. However, because there is no independent sludge return system, sludge with unique functions cannot be cultivated, and the treatment efficiency for the presence of difficult-to-degrade in sewage is low. It is also difficult to improve the nitrogen removal efficiency, reaching 90%.

②A2O process: It is also called anaerobic and anoxic aerobic treatment process. It can be said that A2O process is an improved version of AO process. The characteristics of A2O process have been tested in practice. Compared with AO process, it is for the removal of nitrogen, COD, and organic matter in domestic sewage. The rate is higher, and phosphorus can be removed at the same time as nitrogen removal, which is not a feature of the AO process. The A2O process is currently the mainstream biochemical treatment method when the domestic sewage treatment requirements are not particularly high. ③ MBR process: It is a new process combining activated sludge process and membrane separation technology. The biggest feature is that the treatment efficiency has increased by one level, and the water quality standard after treatment is high. The MBR process is also widely used in industrial sewage treatment, refractory sewage treatment, construction sewage treatment and other industries. The MBR process is applicable to refractory organic sewage and domestic sewage with high requirements for water quality treatment.

④ Aerated biological filter: a new type of biofilm wastewater treatment process, which has the functions of removing SS, COD, BOD, nitrification, denitrification, and phosphorus. The aerated biological filter has a wide range of applications, and can be used in advanced treatment of water, treatment of micro-pollution source water, treatment of refractory organic matter, nitrification of low temperature sewage, and low temperature micro water treatment.

⑤SBR process: Also called sequential batch activated sludge process, the activated sludge treatment technology is operated according to intermittent aeration. The most important feature is: orderly and intermittent operation during operation, especially suitable for intermittent discharge and flow change. In large occasions, the SBR process can be used in domestic sewage treatment in schools, industrial sewage discharged intermittently by processing plants, and small and medium sewage treatment stations.
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