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Choice of hospital sewage treatment process

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Choice of hospital sewage treatment process
    Hospital sewage in a broad sense belongs to the high solubility of CODcr and BOD5 in domestic sewage, and the ratio of BOD: COD is> 0.4. Biochemical treatment process should be adopted. The commonly used biochemical treatment processes are mainly anaerobic treatment process, hydrolytic acidification process and aerobic treatment process.
1. Anaerobic biochemical method
It refers to the process of decomposing and converting various complex organic matters into methane, carbon dioxide and other substances through the action of anaerobic microorganisms in the absence of molecular oxygen. This process can be used for the treatment of medium and high concentration organic wastewater. The typical process of anaerobic biochemical treatment is UASB (Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Bed Process), which has many successful examples abroad.
2. Hydrolytic acidification process
The hydrolytic acidification of sewage consists of the following three stages:
1) Hydrolysis stage: Under the action of hydrolysis and fermentation bacteria, macromolecular substances such as carbohydrates, proteins and fats are hydrolyzed and fermented into small molecule substances such as monosaccharides, amino acids, fatty acids, glycerol and carbon dioxide. substance.
2) Acidification stage: Under the action of producing hydrogen and acetic acid, the products of the first stage are converted into hydrogen, carbon dioxide and acetic acid.
3) Methanogenesis stage: Through the action of two groups of physiologically different methanogens, acetic acid, hydrogen and carbon dioxide are converted into methane.
Since the biological contact oxidation process is connected to the back of the device, the main purpose of the anaerobic digestion here is to hydrolyze the organic matter of large molecules into easily degradable small molecule matter and remove a part of the organic matter. The device adopts a short residence time, so that the anaerobic reaction occurs in the hydrolysis and acidification stage, inhibits the activity of methanogens, and only generates a small amount of gas, which provides a reliable guarantee for the safe operation of the device. Since the hydrolysis tank is located underground, it can be considered that a small amount of gas generated by the anaerobic treatment is discharged from the air duct, so there is no odor problem and the danger of combustion and explosion.
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