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Hospital sewage treatment process

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Hospital sewage treatment process

After biochemical treatment of hospital sewage, except for some bacteria that settle down with the sludge, most pathogenic bacteria such as E. coli and fecal streptococcus still exist in the sewage, so it must be disinfected. At present, there are many disinfection methods of hospital sewage, such as liquid chlorine method, ozone method, sodium hypochlorite method, chlorine dioxide method and so on. Although sodium hypochlorite has the advantages of convenient dosing, low cost, and high reliability, it will combine with certain organic substances in water to form carcinogenic organic halides. Chlorine dioxide is recognized as the best disinfectant. It has good sterilization effect, has the advantages of convenient dosing, low cost, high reliability, etc., and is an ideal substitute for sodium hypochlorite. This project adopts chlorine dioxide sterilization, and the sterilization tank adopts vertical flow partition contact oxidation device to increase the contact time and obtain better disinfection effect.
Sludge disposal
After the hospital sewage is precipitated, the sludge contains a large number of bacteria. If it is discharged directly, it will cause secondary pollution. In this solution, the sludge in the sedimentation tank enters the sludge filter tank through a sludge lift pump for dehydration treatment. The supernatant filtered by the filter returns to the conditioning tank. The sludge in the filter is regularly excavated manually and then added with lime and plant straws to stir evenly. After stacking and maturation for 3 months, it is transported or landfilled or treated with a stacked spiral centrifuge.
In summary, the treatment process has the following characteristics
1) The energy consumption of the process is small, except for the sewage lift pump and aeration blower installed in front of the hydrolysis tank, the basic energy consumption.
2) By setting up a hydrolysis tank to improve the removal rate of pollutants; the biological contact oxidation pond water flow is a completely mixed type, which can effectively resist the impact load of changes in water quality and water volume, and improve the stability of the operation of the treatment device. Due to the use of a pre-anaerobic hydrolysis tank, the amount of remaining sludge is small.
3) The main body of the integrated processing system is welded with steel plates, and the surface is provided with anticorrosive coating (also made of stainless steel according to user needs). The integrated equipment adopts a modular design. If the processing unit increases in the future, a set of processing needs to be installed according to the water volume Facilities are ready to use.
4) This system uses a microcomputer control system, which has a high degree of automation and simple operation management.
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