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Zero discharge of waste water

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Zero discharge of waste water means that after the general industrial wastewater is reused in the production process, the waste water and pollutants are highly concentrated into final waste water, which is recycled and reused through a proprietary wastewater treatment process, or after filtering out the water-insoluble matter by using proprietary equipment. Recycled to achieve no waste discharge factory. The salts and contaminants in the water are discharged into the waste treatment plant by solid concentration or by filtration or recycling as a useful chemical raw material.
Hazard: 1. Toxic high-concentration organic industrial wastewater contains a large amount of toxic and harmful substances, which accumulate in the natural environment such as water and soil, and finally enter the human body through the food chain, affecting people's health.
2, aerobic hazard due to biodegradation, high concentration of organic wastewater will cause the recipient water to be hypoxic or even anaerobic, most aquatic organisms die, resulting in foul odor, deterioration of water quality, affecting the environment.
3. Sensory pollution harm High-concentration organic wastewater has low transparency, affects the growth of aquatic organisms and microorganisms, and is not conducive to the self-purification of water bodies. It not only makes the water body lose its use value, but also affects the normal life of the surrounding residents.
     In the process of selecting a zero-emission system for wastewater treatment, it should be considered from the aspects of water quality conditions, treatment efficiency, cost and treatment standards. For the industrial wastewater zero-emission project, relevant process solutions are available.
 1. The project adopts professional wastewater evaporation technology device, and the wastewater has high evaporation rate.
2, low system energy consumption, automatic control system equipment, low overall operating costs
3. Modular integration of wastewater project engineering equipment can achieve zero emission treatment
4. Patented technical equipment for professional wastewater reuse, high wastewater reuse rate
5, multi-media multi-stage process to meet the relevant emissions and water reuse requirements
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