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Hospital sewage treatment plant

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Wastewater type: medical wastewater treatment
Wastewater hazard: The sewage components and water produced by various departments of the hospital vary, such as heavy metal wastewater, oily wastewater, printing wastewater, and radioactive wastewater. Hospital sewage is more complicated than normal domestic sewage discharge. Containing pathogenic microorganisms, toxic and harmful physicochemical pollutants and radioactive pollution, it has the characteristics of space pollution, acute infection and latent infection. Without effective treatment, it will become an important way for the spread of disease and seriously pollute the environment.

Hospital wastewater treatment 1. It is disinfected by NaClO, its equipment is simple, its operation is stable, and its safety factor is high;

    2, using biochemical process, can greatly reduce the organic matter in the wastewater, to ensure that the water reaches the standard;

    3. The process uses a stripping valve to drain mud, which can greatly reduce operating costs and reduce energy consumption.

    4. The project is fully buried and equipped with an exhaust gas treatment device to reduce secondary pollution of the wastewater station.

    5, the system uses PLC automatic control, can achieve unattended.
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