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Anaerobic sewage treatment advantages

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The anaerobic biological treatment process of sewage has the following main advantages:
1 A large reduction in energy consumption, but also the recovery of bioenergy (biogas);
In the anaerobic biological treatment process, there is no blast aeration device that supplies oxygen to microorganisms, which can reduce a large amount of energy consumption. While a large amount of organic matter is removed, the anaerobic treatment process is accompanied by a large amount of biogas. The methane in the biogas is a kind of combustible gas, which has high utilization value and can be directly used for boiler combustion or power generation;
2 sludge production is very low;
Since most of the organic pollutants in the sewage are converted into biogas-methane and carbon dioxide in the anaerobic biological treatment process, the organic matter used for cell synthesis is relatively small; at the same time, the microbial growth rate aerobic process is much higher than anaerobic process. The yield Y of the acid-producing bacteria is 0.15-0.34 kg VSS/kg COD, the yield Y of the methanogens is about 0.03 kg VSS/kg COD, and the yield of aerobic microorganisms is about 0.25-0.6 kg VSS/kg COD.
3 Anaerobic can degrade or partially degrade some organic substances that can not be degraded by aerobic microorganisms; therefore, when the effluent contains refractory organic substances, the effect of treatment by anaerobic process is better, or anaerobic can also be used. The process is used as a pretreatment process for improving the biodegradability of sewage, and provides a basis for the subsequent aerobic treatment process.
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