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Anaerobic sewage treatment

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The anaerobic biological treatment technology is an efficient sewage treatment method in which the organic matter in the sewage is decomposed, metabolized and digested by anaerobic bacteria in an anaerobic state, so that the organic matter content in the sewage is greatly reduced, and biogas is generated at the same time. As an important form of biological treatment, anaerobic treatment is gradually developing a series of new anaerobic treatment processes and structures, gradually overcoming the shortcomings of traditional anaerobic processes, and has made great progress in theory and practice.
By utilizing the metabolic characteristics of anaerobic microorganisms, the reduced organic matter in the sewage is used as the hydrogen receiving body under the condition that the external energy is not required, and the methane gas having the energy value is simultaneously produced. The biogas produced by the degradation of organic matter (including gaseous substances such as CH4, CO2, N2, H2, O2, H2S, etc.) can be actively utilized to generate economic value.
In the anaerobic treatment process, the organic matter in the wastewater is finally converted into methane, carbon dioxide, water, hydrogen sulfide and ammonia through the action of a large number of microorganisms. In this process, the metabolic processes of different microorganisms interact and restrict each other, forming a complex ecosystem. The narrative of the anaerobic process of high molecular organics helps us understand the basics of this process.
The anaerobic degradation process of high molecular organics can be divided into four stages: hydrolysis stage, fermentation (or acidification) stage, acetic acid production stage and methanogenesis stage.
The capital investment of anaerobic wastewater treatment process is generally higher than that of oxidation ditch and SBR process, but with the increase of scale, the infrastructure cost of oxidation ditch and SBR also doubles, while the investment of conventional activated sludge process is more The small proportion increases, and the gap between the two is getting smaller and smaller. When the sewage plant reaches a certain scale, the investment in the conventional activated sludge process is more economical than the oxidation ditch and SBR. Therefore, the larger the scale of the sewage plant, the greater the advantage of the conventional activated sludge process. The main disadvantages of conventional activated sludge process, A/O and A2/O method are that there are many treatment units and complicated operation management. Especially, sludge anaerobic digestion requires high level of management, and the biogas generated by digestion process is flammable and explosive gas. More security is required, which adds to the difficulty of management. However, due to the large-scale sewage plant backed by large cities, strong technical force and high management level, it can meet this requirement, so the shortcomings of the conventional activated sludge process will not become a limiting factor.
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