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Oil factory wastewater treatment

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Oil factory wastewater treatment uses various methods to remove or reduce harmful substances in the sewage to the standard level, so that the sewage can be utilized. Therefore, the purpose of sewage utilization is different, and the treatment requirements are different. The treatment requirements for using sewage as a water source for water injection and as a water source for formulating polymers are also different. At present, the current treatment technology of oilfield sewage mainly aims at re-injecting sewage, but does not consider the requirements for formulating polymers. Therefore, some well-effected oilfield wastewater treatment technologies meet the requirements for wastewater re-injection. However, it does not meet the requirements for the formulation of wastewater, and it may still cause serious viscosity reduction of the formulated polymer. Therefore, in order to solve the problem of formulating polymers in oilfield wastewater, it is necessary to fully understand the current status of oilfield wastewater treatment.

        For the treatment methods and technologies of oily sewage, domestic and foreign research institutions have been intensively researching, and the goal is to remove oil, organic matter (COD), suspended solids, sulfides, bacteria, etc. in the sewage. In the 1970s, air flotation was widely used in various countries to remove suspended emulsified oil from sewage, and combined with biological methods to reduce organic matter. Japanese scholars have studied the use of electric flocculants to treat oily sewage, ultrasonic separation of emulsions, and adsorption of oil with lipophilic materials. In recent years, the membrane process has been used to treat oily sewage, and the membrane has been made into a plate type, a tube type, a coil type and a hollow fiber type. The United States has also developed a dynamic membrane that uses a permeable membrane on a porous material for use in water treatment. The treatment means are generally physically separated, chemically removed, and bio-degraded. Oily wastewater treatment is difficult, and often requires a combination of methods, such as gravity separation, centrifugal separation, air flotation, chemical biofilm, adsorption, and the like.

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